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Explore the latest featured products with RHEON™ technology. Bringing together unique brand experience with RHEON™ technology to deliver products that truly change the game.


Trail Knee Pad


Trail riding has always meant enduring uncomfortable knee pads. Bulky armour that bunches up when you ride. Wanting to take them off at the soonest possible opportunity.

We decided to fix this age-old problem.

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Adizero Control Shorts


When we tap into our full potential, we can achieve the impossible.

Introducing the new Adizero Control x RHEON™ high-tech apparel range.

Designed to focus your muscles’ energy, made to win.

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Atlas 4.0


Motorcycle riders have been using the same technology in their helmets for over 50 years. Riders have seen countless innovations going into their bikes over this time to make them faster, safer and more efficient. But helmet technology has lagged behind.

We wanted to change this – to completely rethink how a rider could be protected.

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Quest Adventure


Harley-Davidson came to us with a single word. The very essence of why they began all those years ago. To them, riding has always been about freedom.

Introducing the new Harley-Davidson x RHEON™ Armour range. Made to feel invisible. Designed for freedom.

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Xenith x RHEON-thumb_Sept-22_v1
Shadow XR


The Shadow XR is nothing short of the biggest single advancement in Xenith’s history. The helmet tests as the no.1 performing youth helmet by leading test authority Virginia Tech.

Control the energy. Control the game.

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