Harley-Davidson x RHEON™

Freedom has no limits.


Harley-Davidson came to us with a single word. The very essence of why they began all those years ago. To them, riding has always been about freedom. It is a simple belief that has driven them for over 100 years. Harley-Davidson shared our ambition to bring something that didn’t just incrementally improve the experience for their riders but would shift how riding could be. In the pursuit of an experience they want all their riders to feel, freedom.

Made possible by combining years of rider insight with the latest innovations in materials & engineering. Introducing the new Harley-Davidson x RHEON™ Armour range. Made to feel invisible. Designed for freedom.

Designed for freedom

Driven by adventure. A life on the road, where you don’t need to answer to anyone. Everyone has it within them, it just has to be unlocked. Harley-Davidson want to create a world where everyone can experience this vision. Just as they have for the last 100 years, and will do for another 100 more.

Made to feel invisible

Harley-Davidson knew the problems of body protection all too well. Too hot, too bulky, too stiff. Their riders were making the decision to go without any protection at all, it just had too many downsides. It was protective but it had forgotten about the experience of riding. We wanted to flip the balance. To start with the rider experience first. Create the most breathable, lightweight & comfortable armour possible, then engineer it to exceed the standards second.

Designed to fit in not stand out

Say goodbye to bulky. The Harley-Davidson x RHEON Armour range has been created to seamlessly fit into any jacket ecosystem. Designed to be just 7mm & weighing in from only 40g, it has been made to look and feel invisible.

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