RHEON™ technology

RHEON™ technology has been developed for over 15 years by a group of scientists, engineers and designers at Imperial College, London – regarded as one of the leading institutes of innovation around the world.  The name originates from the branch of physics “Rheology” – a unique discipline exploring the flow of matter and how that matter reacts when force is applied to it.

Its principles are at the core of RHEON™ technology.



Impact Control

RHEON™ technology dissipates energy dynamically.

It is soft and flexible when in its natural state but stiffens dynamically on impact to dissipate significantly more energy than conventional static materials.

This property provides a breakthrough for applications where flexibility and movement are paramount but high levels of energy control are a must.



Vibration Control

RHEON™ technology actively dampens vibration and noise.

The technology reacts to control small vibrations or constant noise for enhanced comfort and performance.

A game-changer for any application where reducing vibration is needed.



Tension Control

RHEON™ technology reacts to changes in movement.

This enables the technology to dynamically stiffen, giving support when needed most and relaxing when not.

A new era for comfort and performance.


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