Ruroc Atlas 4.0

A new era of protection.


Motorcycle riders have been using the same technology in their helmets for over 50 years. Riders have seen countless innovations going into their bikes over this time to make them faster, safer and more efficient. But helmet technology has lagged behind. We wanted to change this – to completely rethink how a rider could be protected.

We partnered with UK helmet innovators Ruroc to develop a high-performance liner like no other. Utilising algorithmic design techniques and state-of-the-art test facilities, we engineered 48 unique RHEON™ structures to behave like reactive suspension beneath the shell. Designed to control all types of impact energy, both linear and rotational, by shearing and strengthening on impact.

The result was a breakthrough moment for helmet protection. The world’s first road-ready motorcycle helmet to feature RHEON™ technology.

A new era of protection at the core of the ATLAS 4.0.


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