The LABS unlocks the ability to design and test tens of designs in the time it used to take to try one. Our talented group of designers, engineers and scientists collaborate with brands to help bring designs to life. To put our creations through rigorous testing and produce reliable data so that you can always have confidence in your product.

The RHEON™ technology platform allows engineers and designers to fundamentally re-imagine their products, to iterate faster and deliver product properties previously thought impossible with conventional materials.

Bring your ideas to life and rethink the possible with RHEON™ technology.

RHEON LABS Process - Parametric design

Parametric Design

Our proprietary design algorithms use anatomic and real-world data to drive the design process.

Placing crucial user data at the heart of the design, to deliver products which always feel bespoke.


Advanced Geometries

RHEON™ geometries can be used to drive the density, feel and performance of your product. They can be designed to give what we call anisotropic performance.

This unique design feature allows the technology to behave differently depending on the direction or force they are subjected to.


Rigorous Testing

Our digital design techniques are backed by iterative physical testing and simulated models.

We know for products to thrive they need to exceed standards in the lab but also be tested to the limits outside the lab too.

& Innovation

At the LABS we know exceptional products are created when unique knowledge and expertise are brought together. That is why collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

Working with some of the most renowned brand partners, we strive to inspire confidence and empower performance through your products. To redefine performance through our technology.

Multiple Forms

The versatility of RHEON™ technology means it has almost endless possibilities in applications where energy needs to be dissipated and controlled.

The technology can be integrated in a variety of different formats depending on the product and desired performance.

RHEON Technology energy absorbing geometry

3D Moulded

RHEON™ technology can be injection moulded into unique geometries. The technology can be incorporated directly onto textile or as discrete components, amongst other techniques.


RHEON™ technology can be laminated directly onto textiles to combine the unique properties of RHEON™ with existing product properties.

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