RHEON™ ingredient technology for energy control

Our scientists, engineers and designers work with leading sportswear and sports equipment brands to build custom solutions to enhance the performance, comfort and protection of their products.

At the core of the RHEON™ technology platform is an active polymer, which is soft and malleable in its natural state, but hardens immediately and temporarily upon impact. Its unique shape makes it waterproof, cooling, lightweight and durable.

An endless range of formats and grades means it has almost infinite applications across all sports sectors. It can be integrated into practically any product to help control energy in movement.

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Custom solutions to unique challenges

RHEON LABS takes a bespoke approach to its clients’ problems. Whether this is a mass-customisation opportunity for pro-athletes or ‘factory-teams’, or a one-off requirement to address a particularly critical energy control problem, we can apply the team’s experience and know-how to deliver an innovative solution. Challenge us to ‘bespoke’ your product with RHEON™ technology.


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Read our latest news & updates


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