State-of-the-art test facilities

RHEON LABS brings together a diverse group of scientists, engineers and designers working with global manufacturing partners.

The central London Headquarters have offices, workshops and state-of-the-art laboratory space for product development and testing.

The Labs work with clients from concept through to production, marketing and delivery. Together with its national and international manufacturing partners, RHEON LABS is able to support any production level for our clients from one-offs to millions of units.

Continuous research & development

  • Background materials research to extend the RHEON technology across an even wider range of operating conditions
  • Using Finite Element Analysis to simulate ‘real-world’ validations in the virtual space
  • Using computational and generative design techniques to apply the principles of biomimicry to further enhance functional geometries
  • Working with standards bodies to develop and build verifiable testing capabilities

Our team would be very interested to hear from you. Contact us to work out how our capabilities and facilities can support your ambition.

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  • Integrated Solutions

    Working with best-in-class brands

    • Offering our IP portfolio to improve your products
    • Integration through brand partnerships
    • Customised design resulting in fully-tested and validated parts


    read about our solutions

  • Energy Control

    Starting a new conversation

    • A new way of talking about dealing with different kinds of energy
    • Optimising ‘energy control’ through smart and iterative design
    • Applications from sports bras to American football gear and motorcycle crash helmets


    learn about energy control

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