Introducing SET // 001

A new era of comfort & protection.


SET // 001 is the first widely available collection to be released by RHEON LABS.

The collection builds off our deep experience in body close protection to deliver a solution that pushes the boundaries of what body armour can do.

The three-piece collection offers CE LEVEL 1 protection for  Knee  //  Elbow  //  Shoulder  //  Hip  //  Back.

SET // 001 delivers uniquely flexible and lightweight protection, exceeding CE Level 1 in 7mm and weighing in at only 40g.


SET // 001


Dimensions: 117mm x 211mm

Weight: 45g

Thickness: 7mm

Coverage: Type A

RHEON SET // 001 Level 1 Knee / Elbow Protector

RHEON SET // 001 Level 1 Hip / Shoulder Protector

SET // 001


Dimensions: 117mm x 175mm

Weight: 40g

Thickness: 7mm

Coverage: Type A

SET // 001


Dimensions: 147mm x 372mm

Weight: 210g

Thickness: 12mm

Coverage: Central

RHEON SET // 001 Level 1 Back Protector

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