The RHEON™ technology combines highly strain-rate sensitive polymers, with a range of functional geometries, ‘generative’ design techniques, manufacturing process know-how and garment integration expertise.

The RHEON™ technology platform has been developed over 15 years by Dr. Daniel Plant, RHEON LABS’ CTO, and his team of researchers and is backed by a strong IP portfolio.

Originally developed for armour against impact protection for the body and head in extreme sports, the technology is equally applicable across a wide range of sectors. It can control energy of any amplification and frequency – from small constant vibrations to life-threatening single impacts.

  • How it works

    The patented RHEON technology

    Revolutionary combination of chemistry, geometry and design

    High-tech science developed through years of research

    Expertise in garment integration and manufacturing processes

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  • Benefits

    Giving your product reflexes

    Wide range of benefits depending on product specifications

    Fully-integrated solutions to enhance your brand values

    RHEON™ reflexes: react faster, go further, last longer


  • Formats and grades

    Unlimited combinations

    Highly-adaptable core ‘active’ material

    Handles wide range of environments and conditions

    Development resources to create bespoke solutions


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