Congratulations – your product is enhanced by RHEON!

You’ve got your sample which is specifically designed not only to be a cool keyring but also to demonstrate the properties of RHEON technology which make it exactly the kind of material you want in your helmet.

So, here’s what you can do with it:


THE TEST: You may not want to try this at home but RHEON’s protective properties are best shown with a phone and a hammer.

As you can feel, RHEON is soft and flexible in its normal state, but when it’s hit with something hard (like the hammer) it instantly goes temporarily hard.

THE SCIENCE: RHEON absorbs impact energy much better than conventional materials. In this case the force from the hammer is not transferred to the phone, so the glass doesn’t smash with RHEON.

In your helmet, RHEON stops the energy from an impact being transferred to your head.


THE TEST: Drop a golf ball on your RHEON sample (any small ball will work). Now try dropping it on some other kind of protective material (like a back protector, shin pad, etc.) and compare the different bounces of the golf ball on each material. The less it bounces, the more energy has been absorbed.

Now try dropping the ball on both materials from different heights.

THE SCIENCE: Once again, RHEON absorbs and controls energy. Critically, it absorbs energy at different speeds too. The higher the ball-drop, the more kinetic energy there is. The less it rebounds, the more energy is being absorbed.

RHEON absorbs much more of the energy regardless of speed, protecting you (and your brain, if it’s in your helmet) from the different effects of high- and low-speed impacts.


THE TEST: Try pushing your finger sideways into the special “voronoi” geometries at the left hand end of the RHEON keyring. See how the shapes move in a different way from how they move if you just push them straight down.

THE SCIENCE: This tells us that RHEON elements deal with rotational energy as well as linear energy. This critical “sideways” movement is called “Shear”. Shear movement can counter rotational forces. RHEON’s unique molecular shape (together with its patented geometries) controls rotational energy that comes at you from any direction.

Having this inside your helmet means the helmet is decoupled from the skull, introducing a shear layer that absorbs energy rotation. Traditional impact absorbing materials often don’t move in shear at all.

Got any good ideas for what RHEON could protect in your life? Make your own keyring videos and share them with us!

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