Formats & Grades

Unlimited combinations

RHEON’s rheologically ‘active’ materials can be formed using a variety of processes and combine with bespoke geometries that enable the material to be incorporated into a product in a wide range of formats and grades depending on the end application.

Our bespoke design processes will enable RHEON to handle all the extreme environments and conditions that a best-in-class product may encounter.

Formats include:

  • Thin film
  • Discrete fibre
  • Fibre coating (core fibre can be inextensible or stretchy)
  • Thermoplastic granules (extrusion and injection moulding grades)

Grades include:

  • Wide temperature range from -25°C to +60°C
  • Wide range of softness – typically Shore D 35 to 60 (maintainable across the wide temperature range)
  • Wide range of damping – coefficient of restitution typically from 0.06 to 0.25
  • Fire resistant to military standards

RHEON LABS understands how to vary one key property whilst keeping others constant. There are now 140 grades of material available that cover a comprehensive matrix of useful property combinations.

If you need a new form of energy control to work in unusual conditions, challenge RHEON LABS to improve the performance of your product. We will work with you to sharpen its reflexes.

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