RHEON x Ruroc

RHEON LABS have partnered with Ruroc to create a RHEON™ gel liner that is tough on impacts and now comes as standard in all Ruroc snow helmets.

RHEON Labs partnered with the research and development team at Ruroc to create an entirely new impact absorbing liner for the RG1-DX range of helmets. The liner is made from a non-newtonian fluid, which stiffens on impact and reduces the chance of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) by up to 30%. Whats more, the liner is fully integrated within the helmet so it does not affect sizing or comfort. According to Ruroc, the RG1-DX is the toughest developed helmet construction on the planet, offering extreme protection for the wearer.

RHEON x Ruroc in action:

What is RHEON?

Soft and flexible in its natural state, yet immediately and instinctively stiffens upon impact. It’s this adaptive quality which makes RHEON™ technology so unique -intelligently reacting to control energy from any impact, at any speed and in any direction. Essentially, RHEON gives your helmet reflexes to protect your head from real-world events.

What does RHEON do?

RHEON helps to control the energy of an impact, so that it is not transferred to your head. Its unique geometry makes it both lightweight and cooling – allowing air to flow, unrestricted, through the helmet. What’s more, these geometries together with the soft and malleable qualities of RHEON™ allow it to adapt to your head shape – improving both comfort and fit.

How does it work?

RHEON changes its behaviour depending on the severity or direction of an impact – this helps to protect you from the different effects of high and low speed forces. Its unique geometry allows RHEON to control both linear and rotational forces, and in turn, the acceleration of the head within the helmet. This significantly reduces rotational acceleration by up to 37%, and with it, the probability of sustaining Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) and risk of concussion.


RHEON LABS has developed a revolutionary highly strain-rate sensitive material – RHEON™ – capable of absorbing high levels of energy in impact, tension and vibration. The technology is patent protected and emerged from 15 years of research work carried out by Dr Daniel Plant at Imperial College, London. Scientists, engineers and designers work with best-in-class sports brands to build custom integrated solutions to enhance the performance, comfort and protection of their products.


Founded in 2010, what began as 3 guys in a tiny office in Gloucester, has become one of the fastest growing brands in the UK. Ruroc now ship helmets to over 82 different countries. Ruroc was founded because they knew what challenges face extreme riders. These obstacles don’t stop them from doing what they love, they push them to find ways around them. Over the past 9 years, Ruroc has dominated the full face ski & snowboard helmet market, with our RG1-DX helmet system. Ruroc’s mission is to construct the most insane gear to enhance protection in extreme environments.

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