RHEON x FLY Racing Launch

RHEON LABS partners with Fly Racing to create one of the most advanced motocross helmets on the market

FLY Racing and RHEON LABS announce the launch of the FORMULA helmet enhanced with RHEON™ technology on Saturday 2nd February 2019 in Round 5 of the Supercross at Petco Park, San Diego, California.

The Formula is the result of 3 years of close collaboration between FLY Racing and RHEON Labs, involving integrated inside-out design processes, extensive development and rigorous testing.

The helmet has been rigorously tested under the highest scientific standards that replicate real-world conditions and exceeds BSI standards, against the nine market leading motocross helmets both in RHEON LABS state-of-the-art testing facilities and independently at SATRA’s London testing house.

The Formula out ranked all helmets over a number of tests for both high velocity impact and low speed impact and in rotational impact tests.

The Formula helmet contains seven strategically-placed “Impact Energy Cells” made with RHEON™ technology, which are integrated into the EPS liner for a seamless fit for the rider.

RHEON’s “active” material and patented geometries combine to control the energy transmitted through the helmet during an impact to reduce the forces transferred to the brain.

Their unique anisotropic shape (i.e. they behave differently in different directions) allows the “Impact Energy Cells” to absorb energy differently in “compression” and “shear”. RHEON’s adaptive chemistry reacts instinctively to control energy and change its behaviour depending on the severity and direction of an impact, maximising absorption of low-speed linear and rotational impact energy.

Inventor of RHEON™ technology and RHEON LABS CTO, Dr Dan Plant explains: “You can’t predict how you’re going to fall, but the RHEON™ elements in your helmet are able to react instinctively, a bit like reflexes in the body, to control the impact energy coming at you from any direction whether its linear or rotational, low or high speed.”

Research shows that rotational acceleration is key factor in sustaining concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI), even at relatively low impact speeds, and that repeated ‘small’ impacts have a significant adverse effect over time.

Dr Plant explains “It’s becoming increasingly clear that helmets must protect a wearer against low as well as high speed impacts and rotational as well as linear impacts in order to be useful in real-world scenarios – even if helmet standards don’t require it yet. And this is precisely what we set out to solve by integrating RHEON™ technology into helmets.”

“Working with FLY Racing was this productive thanks to their innovative and holistic approach to helmet design and determination to meet the highest safety standards in real-world conditions.”

“I am a motocross rider as well as being a testing and impact specialist, and I choose to wear the FLY FORMULA helmet with RHEON™ technology, simply because it’s safer.”

The FLY FORMULA helmet will be available to buy from March 2019.


RHEON LABS has developed a revolutionary highly strain-rate sensitive material – RHEON™ – capable of absorbing high levels of energy in impact, tension and vibration. The technology is patent protected and emerged from 15 years of research work carried out by Dr Daniel Plant at Imperial College, London. Scientists, engineers and designers work with best-in-class sports brands to build custom integrated solutions to enhance the performance, comfort and protection of their products.


Established in 1998, FLY Racing is one of the fastest growing riding apparel and hard part brands in the powersports industry. FLY Racing develops quality products for the competitive North American market and is distributed worldwide in 40+ countries. In the United States, FLY Racing products are distributed exclusively by Western Power Sports (WPS).

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