Rethinking the Shin Pad

Pro – S1 Elite.


For footballers, uncomfortable shin pads have become part of the game. Rigid hard shells that feel more like an afterthought than a high-performance must-have. A necessity by the laws of the game that players would rather not wear at all.

We wanted to change this.

Hours upon hours of research and development are poured into football boot advancements each and every year. Dedicated focus goes into athlete testing and feedback to create the perfect balance of performance and comfort. Creating a highly engineered product that lets you focus purely on your game.

We wanted to bring the same thinking to the shin pad. With Smart Armor, that’s what we set out to create.




Inspired by Nature

Our Head of Design, Olga Kravchenko, has spent over a decade codifying and exploring algorithmic design.

A Teaching Fellow at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Olga has become a world leader in algorithmic design – unlocking a world where data creates the product.

Inspired by structures in nature that have been optimised over millions of years, to deliver the lightest, most flexible, most breathable protection possible.

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