adidas x RHEON™

The power of potential


Throughout history, athletes have pursued the unknown.

Our past is filled with the stories of record-breakers who have achieved feats that were previously deemed impossible. But these feats aren’t just about strength or speed. For us, it is the power to push beyond our known limits.

When we tap into our full potential, we can achieve the impossible.


An inconvenient truth

It has long been hypothesized that the human body is working at a fraction of its capability.

The compounding effect of seemingly small inefficiencies, no matter how small, has limited our potential.

In a world that is defined by fine margins, unlocking a fraction of this potential could be the difference between first and last.


Born out of a biomechanics lab

Our hypothesis was simple, when you move, you want the most efficient force transmission possible.

You want all your force to work with you, not against you.

However, the reality is much different. When we move, our muscles shear. In high-energy movements, this shearing effect causes our muscles to become misaligned from their most efficient path, in other words, your body starts to work against you.

Our hypothesis was born out of a biomechanics lab and refined by academic research partners over the coming years, but our question was simple:

If we could control this muscle shear, could this have an effect on performance?

Behind the design

Years ago we began a journey with a single belief in mind:

If you could control this muscle shear, you’re going to see an increase in performance.

At a sprinting level, if we could control the muscle movement that little bit, we believe you’re going to see fractions of a second that are going to be affected by it. In high-level athletes, where hundredths of a second matter, controlling that movement could have profound effects.

Hours of research, biomechanics testing & countless iterations, to create something that had never been done before.

What started as a simple hypothesis, has resulted in a technology that could shape a new world of performance.

Unleashing your potential

Introducing the future of support, engineered with RHEON™.

Strips of the highly strain-rate sensitive RHEON™ polymer are strategically placed across major muscle groups, to provide the athlete with responsive support when moving.

The RHEON™ strips react to the body’s movement to provide support in high-energy movements, focusing your muscles’ energy when you need it most.

Made to control your muscle movement. Designed for performance.

A new era of support is here.

adidas x RHEON™

Introducing Techfit Control – our first high-tech apparel range in partnership with adidas.

Featuring reactive strips of RHEON™ placed strategically across major muscles, to provide responsive support in high-energy movements.

Fusing adidas’ innovative material constructs with the intelligent RHEON™ polymer, the latest high-tech range offers all wearers a new feature of responsive support when training.

Designed to unleash your potential. Available now on

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