RHEON LABS x FreshBritain

Following the launch of our new brand in September, RHEON’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Patric Matuszis sat down with FreshBritain‘s Commercial Director Jon Crane to talk through their unique process and RHEON’s vision for the future of energy control.

FreshBritain have spent 20 years refining what brand design is – working with brands such as the Volvo Group, Levi’s and Nike. Their belief is that it all comes down to really a simple question; ‘what is the purpose of the brand in the life of the customer?’

RHEON LABS, whose recent successes include securing a share of a $60M grant from American Football’s NFL in 2020, launched their new brand in September to support their on-going commercialisation of RHEON™ technology.

Patric and Jon sat down in Broughton Street to talk through FreshBritain’s unique brand coding process and RHEON’s vision for the future of energy control.


PM: “There are a lot of agencies out there. A lot of good agencies. I’ve worked with quite a few of them over the last 10 years, but the project that we’ve done with Jon and the team from FreshBritain is so outstanding because it is one of the most structured processes I’ve ever witnessed in this area. The brand coding process, which is an amazing product in itself – always delivers unique results.”

JC: “To give a bit of a background, FreshBritain has spent 20 years refining what brand design is essentially. It all comes down to a simple question, which is around the why. What is the purpose of the brand in the life of the customer?

Humans are storytellers and we’re attracted to good storytelling, good stories and personal relationships. That’s what we’re trying to do, we’re looking at the emotional part.

Having spent the last 20 years refining the brand design process, we began to codify that process. That has been a big learning curve for us, we’ve worked with Central St Martins in London, to codify what brand design means. It has taken us five years, but now we have this process that enables brands to go all the way from end to end. RHEON was one of the first brands to journey through the new process.”


PM: “A brand project is not just about creating a visual language and visual direction for the brand, it’s creating fundamentals that are supporting branding and brand articulation, this also leads to the evolution of the business and vision.

It’s about delivering much more than just a logo. Clear brand values deliver the guidelines and the guiding principles that are derived out of the overall brand strategy.”

JC: “As Patric alluded to there, we’re not just designing the logo or a nice advert for example. We’re designing the values that are inherent in the brand into everything that company does and the ethos of the company. FreshBritain have been around for 20 years in both B2B and B2C, and I think the big opportunity we saw with RHEON, and from our experience of working with Patric, was the opportunity to take RHEON from a B2B mindset into what is essentially a B2C mindset, focusing on the end-user.

Part of what we do at Fresh Britain is to turn a product mindset into a brand mindset. RHEON was a product-focused brand and a product-focused business, and that is normal because of how it was born and its genesis.

What we needed was to turn RHEON into a brand focused business. We know that if you become brand focussed, the value of the brand increases the value in the product, the company, the value in your staff – everything. That’s what we’ve been doing throughout this project.”


PM: “Part of our business strategy, in a nutshell, is that we want to partner up with amazing brands. We are selling an amazing technology, but it’s an ingredient technology, it’s a great ingredient, but it’s still an ingredient. We have to be sure that we are implementing our technology into amazing products. Take a chef for example, they can have the best ingredients, but in the end, it’s not the ingredients that you serve – it’s a meal.

What we are trying to do is find the best partners to create the best possible meal. A meal in our world is developing the best American football helmet; creating the best functional apparel; creating all of the different solutions that we are working on. Because we are setting the business up as an ingredient model, it is so important for us that we identify and find the right partners as a premium technology. We don’t want to work with just anybody, we have a clear target audience and target customer set in mind.

We have to be attractive for these premium brands and to be attractive for premium brands, you not only have to deliver a premium product, but you also have to be premium in anything you are articulating too. The branding piece has now been added to this, now it’s not just the technology that should attract partners, but it also the strength and the clarity and new look and feel of the real brand.”

JC: “Even though RHEON are a small brand, their power in the market is big and it’s only going to get bigger because of the brands that they’re already working with. Additionally, once the technology goes to market, such as with Xenith’s American Football helmet, you start to generate press from that, encouraging other brands to look at how they can work with RHEON. In the same way that FreshBritain slightly punch above their weight in terms of size and scale, it’s exactly the same as for RHEON, because of the quality of the product that they offer.”

One of the best things as an agency when you come back in is that you see the mission that the brand has selected being achieved every day. We set the mission alongside the RHEON team of ‘rethinking possible’. When you come in, you can see the RHEON team looking to achieve that every day, you see what the customers are also achieving with the technology – ultimately that is going to be the key driver that transforms their business.”


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