Life @ RHEON – Introducing Our Interns

We know how invaluable ‘on the job’ experience is for students, giving them exposure to the working environment and an opportunity to test out the skills they’ve learnt on their course. Each year we give a handful of talented students the opportunity to work with the RHEON team and our partners to deliver game-changing products through energy control.

Our three new design interns, Luke, Higor and Max, who are all studying at Imperial College London, joined the team in March, despite the country being on lockdown. We caught up with them recently to hear a bit more about their work, their motivation for joining RHEON and to find out all about their ‘virtual’ welcome into the team.

What have been your biggest learning so far?

Luke: One of the biggest things I’ve learnt since starting at RHEON is how much problem solving goes on every day, even in the projects with longer timelines. I’m enjoying getting involved with new challenges every week. I have also realised the culture of a company makes a big impact when it comes to choosing places I want to work. Joining RHEON has felt more like joining a team than starting a job, and that sort of community is one that I thrive in.

Higor: It’s been good to get a broader look at how the company operates, how everyone in the company fits together directly or indirectly to deliver on every project.

Max: When you learn how to use a new piece of equipment, you need to learn fast, because we have lots of projects running very quickly and we produce a lot of samples.

What made you interested in joining RHEON?

Luke: I wanted to do something that was around product design for sport. I love sport, I do a lot of snowboarding, surfing, rugby, running. Speaking to Olga I just knew the stuff going on at RHEON was something I wanted to be involved in.

Higor: I like the fast turn over we have for projects. I can be doing some design work in the morning and the same day be printing it out and testing it out, its pretty cool. I don’t think you get that in bigger companies.

Max: Well to be honest I first heard about RHEON in the pub from Luke! I’m pretty obsessed with sport, so a chance to combine what I’ve learnt over the last few years with what I’m passionate about seemed pretty ideal.

How has it been joining RHEON virtually?

Luke: Its been surprisingly smooth! I think everyone at RHEON has done a great job of making it easy to get involved, especially with the virtual drinks and lab lunches I feel like I’ve met everyone without meeting them in real life. It feels like I’ve been welcomed into the business as if I was in the office with everyone.

Higor: I really like working from home, I feel I get a chance to learn more things that I wouldn’t otherwise.

Max: It’s a bit of a weird start to an internship but as starting remotely goes it’s gone pretty swimmingly.

What are your professional ambitions?

Luke: In the short term, I want to design and develop products that push the boundaries of performance in sport. Anyone who has spoken to me in the office probably already knows that I’m a massive sneakerhead, so I’m interested in getting involved with performance footwear design and development. Beyond that, I have thought about setting up my own consultancy but I definitely have no solid plans!

Higor: I hope to gain project development knowledge with direct client contact, and then later transition to a project/product management position either at a tech company or consultancy. The ultimate goal is to start a design consultancy, but there’s much to learn still!

Max: You’re guess is as good as mine, but if I can’t become an actual racing driver, being involved in Motorsport would be pretty cool.

And finally… what’s your lockdown binge-worthy TV series of choice?

Luke: The Last Dance. Netflix. I’ve only just started but I can’t stop. I’m losing way too much sleep watching it.

Higor: Community. Netflix. I flicked through Netflix and found the series with the most seasons and episodes that I hadn’t watched. It turned out to be pretty good.

Max: Manhunt. Netflix. I’d recommend it, it’s very good

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