Life @ RHEON – Claire Celebrates 2 Years

Our Finance Manager, Claire, has been with RHEON Labs since the company founded in 2018. To celebrate Claire’s 2-year anniversary working at The Labs, we took this opportunity to ask her a few questions about her role, what’s changed in the past two years and why Life at the Labs is so different.

What has been your best experience to date whilst working at RHEON Labs?

My best experience so far has been working across the different areas of a fast growing company. I’ve watched RHEON Labs’ expansion since the company was founded and this has given me a huge amount of insight into the design, development and other key business functions within the organisation.

Describe what you enjoy most about company culture here?

Whilst the key focus is completing work, there is also a keen focus on our teams enjoying our time at work, in a relaxed atmosphere. We don’t just work together, we get together as a team away from our desks too; whether that be for our weekly team lunches, going out for ice cream on a hot summers day, or taking part in sporting activities together.

What three words would you use to describe RHEON Labs?

Fun, interesting and exciting.

What drew you to work at RHEON Labs two years ago? And what has changed since?

When our CEO, Stephen Bates, first described to me RHEON’s focus of creating impact absorbing sports armour that was comfortable and lightweight to wear, I knew it was the kind of company that I wanted to work for. He also pointed out that our CTO, Dan, was focused on innovation and making a difference to society by providing garments such as hip protectors for the elderly one day, this was something I really liked the sound of.

I saw a huge opportunity in joining such an ambitious and forward thinking company. In addition, having participated in many sports throughout my life and also having always had an interest in Finance, RHEON offered me the perfect combination of my own personal and career interests, something that remains true to this day.

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