Life @ RHEON – A Unique Place to Work

Meet Doug, one of our Development Engineers at RHEON Labs. Here, Doug gives insight into what is involved in his day to day role and he explains why RHEON Labs is such a unique place to work.

What does your career at RHEON look like so far?

I first met RHEON’s founder and CTO, Dan Plant, whilst I was studying at Imperial College London. Everything RHEON were doing really seemed to fit in with the type of engineering I was interested in, both the manufacturing and design elements. For that reason, working at RHEON seemed like a very good fit for me. I had completed placements for larger organisations, but the prospect of working for a smaller company where you have more flexibility to work in your own area of interest, was a big draw for me.

Working life at RHEON is so different in comparison to the working in larger companies, for me it’s nice to not just be a small cog in a big machine. Another benefit is to feel and see projects move on from start to finish. The speed at which we complete projects means that the turnaround is not two to three or four years, it’s normally months to get a product from development to launch. The development never really stops and it’s great to see products launching and to learn from each new project.

Is there anything unique about life at RHEON Labs?

It’s quite unusual to be in a role where you see everything from start to finish and are able to get integrated into every conversation from start to finish. Whether commercial, or design, or manufacturing. It’s rare to be involved in all of those aspects because there are usually much larger teams to deal with everything in separate departments. It’s nice to be able to turn around and have a conversation about commercial elements for example; because that helps you to understand the bigger picture of the projects you are working on.

Another thing is that I have a high level of ownership over projects I’m involved in, I see them end to end, rather just seeing a small part of the process. I find that as I am also client facing, that brings a lot of responsibility for following through with meeting client expectations, it’s down to you to get those things done as a team.

Can you give an overview of what company culture is like at RHEON Labs?

Well, we’re not shy about going to the pub! Plus, it’s brilliant to have a focus on sport, taking part in various challenges together. We do have quite a relaxed culture. I think the main thing for me is that, whilst everyone’s always busy, no one is ever too busy that they can’t stop and have a chat about anything if you need it.

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