CTO Races to put RHEON to the Test

RHEON gives its users a feeling of enhanced freedom, allowing them to excel in their sport. It brings them a unique confidence that allows them to push to master their sport more than they’ve ever been able to before.

RHEON™ technology is comprised of a highly energy-absorbing material and unique functional geometries. The technology is engineered to control energy, changing its behaviour depending on the severity and direction of an impact.

Sport is at the heart of what we do at RHEON Labs, so naturally our Founder and CTO, Dr Daniel Plant, is always keen to put our technology to the test and push its limits in his own sports. This has not only seen him take on the dunes of the Boise Desert testing FLY Racing Motocross equipment in the past, but also in motor racing championships ranging from Lotus Cup Europe to the gruelling Creventic 24H endurance race series.

The RHEON Lotus Elise is hard to miss, with it’s bold blue livery complete with RHEON™ logos, it always looks a force to be reckoned with Dan behind the wheel racing at globally renowned circuits including the Nurburgring and Le Mans.

Dr Dan Plant is passionate about the benefits of using RHEON™ technology for both driver and passenger protection and comfort:

By using various applications of RHEON in motorsport, peak performance in the sport is really brought to the forefront, rather than being held back by discomfort or fear of injury when competing. RHEON is used in Motorsport to deliver dynamic protection of the head, neck, seat and contact points. RHEON not only protects in larger life-threatening single impacts, but also improves comfort for much smaller and more frequent impacts through vibration damping. At the core of our technology platform is an energy absorbing material that intelligently changes its behaviour in response to movement.

This week the RHEON Lotus has taken a turn from racetrack to exhibition hall as it is displayed in the main hall of the Autosport International Show 2020 in Birmingham, UK. If you happen to be at the show, come over to take a look.

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