From one-offs to millions of

Successful products are designed to meet well-researched specifications, to face a variety of challenges and to handle diverse environmental conditions.

RHEON™ technology can adapt to a changing specification and ensure customers benefit from the most appropriate product behaviour, creating a fully-integrated solution unique to your brand.

Our award-winning engineers and designers work closely with our B2B partners to take you through each stage of development from concept through to production.


Concept design with CAD renders and material ‘swatches’ to demonstrate integration at the fibre level


Using proprietary generative design to produce validated designs to bring the concept to life


Rapid 3D prototyping and testing of parts, with short-cycle design optimization carried out in house


Representative samples of final production parts tested in-house and with 3rd parties to validate performance


Supporting manufacturing partners with QA resources, materials processing know-how and complex tool production

Throughout the process our marketing teams will work closely with you to produce compelling marketing collateral based on proven science to demonstrate the product’s technical performance advantages in a variety of formats and media.

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